I have had the honour to design an original patch for ESA’s british astronaut Major Tim Peake  in order to help promoting his Principia mission to the International Space Station.

75 of these patches have been flown to the ISS, and are part of a competition held in space.

From ESA’s website:  [Tim says, “I’m taking with me 75 of possibly the coolest patches ever flown in space, and one of them could be yours.” A few times each week, Tim will tweet lines from the lyrics of his favourite songs. Reply to each tweet with the correct song title and artist to go down in history as the proud owner of
an exclusive ESA #spacerocks patch that has flown in space.]

The #spacerocks competition has exceeded all expectations and has created a lot of interest in his mission, by increasing Twitter followers and awareness of space.

In the pictures below you can see legendary guitarist of the rock band Queen and astrophysicist Brian May, with Major Peake at the SpaceRocks event that took place in London in 2018 – holding the SpaceRocks patch.

Pictures credits: ©ESA
Client: European Space Agency